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Year: 2013

City: Tallinn

Country: Estonia

Constructor: Tallinn Light Biennale

Concept Description

Date: 29.11 – 01.12 2013 Time: 17:00 – 23.00 Location: Tammsaare Park, at the entrance of Viru Keskus (shopping centre) Price: Free V.I.P. is a circle painted white. Three lights in the corners of a triangle are pointed towards the central point so that the intersection of the light beams forms a light circle. From afar it looks like a clean illuminated arena that invites the passersby to step under this glow of light. When the visitor steps under the light, it turns into a colourfully illuminated playground where shades of colour stretch in all directions, thus elevating the visitor to a V.I.P. star. The idea is based on the mixing of colours where the red, green and blue colours (RGB) result in the white colour. When a spectator (in this case the spectator turns into a performer) moves into the illuminated circle, he/she interrupts the light beam and creates streams of complementary colours. The former empty and passive white colour turns into an inspiring play of light and colours. Aleksandra Stratimirović is the co-creator of Lighting guerilla festival, selector of the program and artist. She is a designer of illumination and light and a member of The Lighting Detectives Stockholm. She’s finished her post-graduate study at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She has also created many permanent site specific art projects (Jakosberg – design of the interior of the railway station in Stockholm, City hospital in Stockholm – light installation, Mesto – light installation – District Court in Stockholm, Light Sparkle – Karolinska University Hospital, V. I. P. – Heidestam school, Tattby-Fågelby etc). She’s received many awards for her work, among others Targetti Light Art Award; Excellent Swedish Design diploma for Happy Happy.

Photographer: Tallinn Light Biennale