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Villa 10

Designer: Lighting Design Collective

Year: 2011

City: Baku

Constructor: Pasha Construction

Manufacturer: Lucent Lighting, DAL, Traxon, Mike Stoane Lighting, Cube Lighting, Dynalite, ROSCO, Ingo Maurer, Pulsar, Crescent Lighting

Concept Description

Truly unique residence for an exclusive client in Baku, Azerbaijan. The lighting scheme was tailored to impress, surprise and entertain in accord with the interior design. Inspiration was drawn from cinema; films such as Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine”, Peter Greenway’s “The Cook the Thief his Wife and her Lover” as well as from the famous Baku based novel Ali & Nino by Kurban Said.The latter served as inspiration for a text based light art projection piece within the party room. Textured light projections were used throughout together with programmed colour hues. Video based light art piece sunk into the stone wall acts as the main light source for the restrooms whilst bespoke bubble chairs act as chandeliers for the party room. Rich tones of light are used when entertaining guests, for the quiet nights warm white light scenes are available for all the spaces.

Photographer: Lighting Design Collective