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Turku City Hall

Designer: Pia Salmi and Tom Schneider, WSP

Year: 2013

City: Turku

Country: Finland

Contractor: City of Turku

Concept Description

City Hall is a Neo-Renaissance building located on the bank of the Aura River in Turku, Finland. The City Council of Turku convenes at Turku City Hall. It was originally designed by Charles Bassi from 1810-1811 as the first Finnish restaurant Seurahuone. The building survived the Great Fire of Turku in 1827. Facade lighting is highlight the architecture. Warm led light is used to show the warm facade colours. Lighting fixtures are integrated on the facades and in the ground. All the technique is hidden with covers painted with facade colours or in the attic of the building.

Photographer: Jussi Vikström