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The Trap

Designer: MARKO CRNOBRNJA /Serbia

Year: 2013

City: Tallinn

Country: Estonia

Constructor: Tallinn Light Biennale

Concept Description

Date: 29.11 – 01.11 2013 Time: 17:00 – 23.00 Location: Tammsaare Park Price: Free In 2010 for the project The Nocturnal Readings in the Park, with which Svetlobna gverila was inviting people to public readings in the evenings, Marko Crnobrnja (from the Štap i Kanap redesign studio based in Belgrade, Serbia) created a trap for readers. “In times when publishing is in crisis and when books undeservedly lose power, readers too are losing chances to fight back. Unfortunately, books cannot survive without them, and readers are not aware that they cannot go on without them. That is why we decided to help the books and created a trap for readers as it seems that a trap is the only way for the book to end up in the hands of readers.” Marko Crnobrnja (Štap i Kanap studio) The trap on symbolic way presents the situation in which books are. Marko Crnobrnja (1978) is a Serbian sculptor who, with the purpose of redesigning ordinary items, formed Stap i kanap studio with actor Nebojsa Ilic. Their plan is to make ordinary items, even items that are thrown away, unusual and therefore more visible. Stap i kanap studio has created among others the Shower Lamp, which was the runner up at the Svetlobna gverila festival in 2009. The studio also created official Serbian souvenir Come to Play. Crnobrnja creates wooden toys and sculptures for kids to play with also.

Photographer: Tallinn Light Biennale