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The Kontio House

Designer: Cariitti Oy/ Kari Ruokonen

Year: 2011

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Manufacturer: Cariitti Oy

Concept Description

We need lighting in order to see, but lighting also contributes to our well-being, energy levels and mood. Because lighting is also a vital element of interior design, this project aimed at achieving high-quality lighting levels, a pleasant atmosphere and comfort of use. Nothing affects the overall atmosphere of a home as much as good lighting. Light allows us to see, but it is equally important to make the light itself visible, because that is what creates atmosphere. Modern LED lighting can fulfil even the most demanding wishes of lighting users. Because LED lights are very small, lighting can be integrated into the structures of a building and furniture in a sophisticated, ground-breaking way. In addition, LED lights can be dimmed easily, facilitating energy conservation and the creation of a variety of lighting moods. Indeed, a significant proportion of lighting in the Kontio House can be dimmed. In addition, different spaces are fitted with various lighting options to conserve energy and to provide suitable solutions for each occasion and mood. All building services in the house, including lighting, are controlled by the KNX technology. This technology offers pre-programmed lighting scenarios from which it is easy to choose the optimal lighting for each occasion. The easy usability of the technology also promotes sensible energy use. High-quality LEDs can produce as much light in equally high quality (80–100 lm/W, with a CRI of more than 90) as fluorescent or energy-saving lights. What makes LEDs stand out as a superior lighting solution is their excellent luminous efficiency: LEDs direct their light efficiently in a single direction, which is what users typically want. In other words, LEDs do not usually need reflectors that would decrease their luminous efficiency. Another significant advantage is the small size of the LEDs: the lights can be installed exactly where they are needed, such as in stairways, shelves etc. A very small amount of power is thus enough to create a functional and visually impressive lighting design.

Photographer: Mikael Lindén