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The end of Kilpinen overpass

Designer: Gad Giladi, Annukka Larsen

Year: 2008

City: Jyväskylä

Country: Finland

Electrical: Ari Piippo

Constructor: City of Jyväskylä

Manufacturer: Ensto , Philips, Targetti

Concept Description

The end of Kilpinen overpass was already illuminated for 2003 Light in Jyväskylä event. A workshop group run by Israeli Gad Giladi carried out temporal illumination at the end of the overpass, with the principle of highlighting the shapes of the bridge itself. Passages and stairs are lit up with fluorescent lamps that reside under a new railing structure. The underside of the bridge deck is illuminated with deep blue light, which accentuates the coldness of concrete surface. District heating pipes are lit up with warm shades. Previously this cityscape was felt closed and untidy but now it opens up with lighting.

Photographer: Kalevi Korhonen Juhana Konttinen