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Tanskalaisen soittokunnan vierailu

Designer: Katja Muttilainen

Year: 2012

City: Tampere

Country: Finland

Concept Description

“Tanskalaisen soittokunnan vierailu”/ “A visit by a Danish marching band” was a contemporary dance performance by choreographer Ari Numminen for Tanssiboxi. Lighting design by Katja Muttilainen, costume design by Tiina Helin, lighting technician Elina Nopanen. Performers Terhi Pinomäki-Lenic, Mia Tiihonen (in the picture) and Katriina Kantola. The premiere was in Tampere in September 2012. the show has been on tour in Silkeborg, Denmark and is next going to Malta.

Photographer: Katja Muttilainen