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Designer: Roope Siiroinen, VALOA design Oy

Year: 2015

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Concept Description

Oulu Facilities Centre is equipping the Tähtitorni building at Linnasaari, Oulu, with permanent façade lighting. The lighting design is by VALOA design, and the designer of the lighting solution is Roope Siiroinen. The lighting installation is part of the Valoa Oulu! light festival and can be seen starting from 20.11.2015. The purpose of the Tähtitorni façade lighting is to make the beautiful building visible during the darkest time of the year, respecting the building’s historical value while doing so. The look of the illuminated building is calm and therefore visually timeless. The lighting of the Tähtitorni façade is carried out using light projectors placed on pillars and rooftops. In addition, the entrance to the building as well as the surrounding wall are illuminated using lights installed at ground level

Photographer: Markku Hyttinen, Henri Luoma