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Surrounding streets of the Jyväskylä city centre

Designer: VALOA Design Oy

Year: 2003

City: Jyväskylä

Country: Finland

Electrical: Ari Piippo

Manufacturer: Philips, Bega

Concept Description

The master plan of outdoor lighting, made for the city of Jyväskylä in 2000, determined, among other things, the approach of lighting for the four surrounding streets of the city centre grid layout. Street lighting has been implemented with a custom-made lighting post, which includes a street lamp but also an additional light that points downward highlighting the post’s structure. The post is a piece of street furniture defining space, and as such functions as a connecting factor for the street space. The post also unifies the illuminational look of the surrounding streets and the whole city centre.

Photographer: Mauri Mahlamäki