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Stockmann Department Store – Helsinki, Finland

Designer: Olof Granlund Ltd

Year: 2012

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Constructor: Stockmann Oyj

Contractor: Sun Effects Ltd

Manufacturer: Traxon e:cue

Concept Description

Built in 1930, the Stockmann department store, located in the center of Helsinki, is a true city landmark and the most famous store of its kind in Finland. To update its famous façade with energy efficient, sustainable, illuminated flair, Stockmann elected to add over 500 Traxon Media Tube RGB. The slim profiled fixtures were installed on the building façade in two long, gapless horizontal runs replacing Stockmann’s old, broken neon tube lighting scheme. The new LED system was applied 25 meters high on the building’s exterior next to Helsinki’s busiest street, a challenging task that was executed with strategic planning from all teams involved. The Media Tubes are programmed to power on after sunset and glow static white for most of the year. On special occasions such as holidays and “Stockmann Crazy Day Sales,” specially programmed dynamic color effects are displayed. In addition to controlling the LED system, e:cue’s Butler XT and Lighting Control Engine (LCE) are connected to the building’s automation system enabling use of Stockmann’s own network. The elegant lighting and control solution allows this historic building to make a bright statement and helps to further Stockmann’s landmark status.
VAP / System Integrator: Sun Effects Ltd. Lighting Programmer: Sun Effects Ltd.

Photographer: Oy Osram Ab