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Simpeleen taajaman valaistus

Year: 2011

City: Rautjärvi

Country: Finland

Constructor: Municipality of Rautjärvi

Manufacturer: Philips

Concept Description

The municipality of Rautjärvi, part of the sub-region of Imatra, is located in South Karelia in the south-eastern corner of Finland. The region suffered badly during the storm “Veera”. The storm travelled from the Gulf of Finland towards Russian Karelia on 4th of August 2010 wreaking havoc in urban area of Simpele. Simpele’s outward appearance changed radically at once with the storm uprooting huge trees. Iridium² LED luminaires which are appropriate for street lighting in urban and residential areas were chosen for the project. The old wooden masts were replaced by galvanised steel masts. According to the municipality’s requirements, the urban area is now based on LED lighting. Marko Rantamölö advocates the Iridium2 LED luminaires: “They have a long lifetime and high energy efficiency and they completely outperform the previous mercury vapour lamps.”

Photographer: Kimmo Metsälä