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Silo 468, Helsinki

Designer: Lighting Design Collective, Tapio Rosenius, Oscar Martin,, Rodolfo Lorenzo, Victor Sofia,, Gorka Cortazar, Reinaldo Alcala,, Rodrico Arcaya

Year: 2012

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Electrical: Granlund Oy

Constructor: Helsingin kaupunki/, HKR – Rakennuttaja

Contractor: VRJ Etelä – Suomi Oy

Concept Description

Honourable Mention Lighting project of the Year 2013 in Finland The city of Helsinki wanted to create a prominent, widely visible work of lighting art, and Silo 468 in the Kruunuvuorenranta area fulfils this mission very well. An old oil silo has been turned into a work of lighting art which is both visually impressive and in perfect harmony with its surroundings. As natural light changes, the look of the artwork changes with it. Inside the silo, the light reflected from its red walls creates a powerful contrast with the ever-changing light of the sky, which is visible through unlit openings in the walls. Constantly changing light patterns, inspired by the surrounding nature and created with modern technology and smart controls, capture the viewer’s imagination: it is easy to lose track of time and just keep admiring the work, either at a close distance or from further away, on the seashore towards the city centre.