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Shadows in the greenhouse

Designer: Henrika Pihlajaniemi

Year: 2014

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Architect: Arkkitehdit M3 Oy

Concept Description

This permanent light installation will be unveiled during the Light Oulu! / Valoa Oulu! light festival on Thursday 20th November 2014. Varjoja kasvihuoneessa / The shadows in the greenhouse creates two different worlds in the Kiikkusaari greenhouses. With an atmosphere of living light and shadows straight from The Jungle Book, the Light Oulu! festival allows the people of Oulu to sit down in the greenhouse in the dark of the autumn to enjoy the warmth and light and to relax for a moment while listening to a story. The shadows of the jungle are even reflected on the walls of the lantern-like greenhouse, to be viewed from the park. The second, closed, greenhouse reveals the rhythm of the urban jungle alive on its surfaces, with its constantly changing lines of light, shadow, and colour. The greenhouse shadow play continues over the winter during the dark hours of the day, albeit in more reserved tones once the Light Oulu! festival ends. The “Shadows in the greenhouse” installation is executed by Oulu Facilities Management Centre and the Oulu Educational and Cultural Services. The installation is made part of the City of Oulu art collection for ten years.

Photographer: Inkeri Jäntti, H. Pihlajaniemi