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Santalahti holiday village, Kotka

Year: 2011

City: Kotka

Country: Finland

Manufacturer: Philips

Concept Description

Santalahti holiday village in Kotka has consciously developed its operations to be more energy-efficient. These efforts were clearly seen in the expansion of the resort when a new holiday apartment village was built by the beach. It has six 10-person, 130 m² energy-efficient apartments, all of which are fitted with the latest technology including geothermal heating and cooling systems and LED technology. When considering the lighting for the new area holiday resort manager Jukka Markkola also wanted light fittings that employed the latest technology without causing light pollution.
”In all, the project had in 24 StreetSaver luminaires. When we decided to upgrade we changed all of the street lights around the holiday cottages in Santalahti. This way we were able to keep a consistent style throughout the village. We had the new posts painted the same shade as the luminaires, which also complement the colours of the holiday apartments”, says Oikarinen. The old luminaires in the holiday village were 125-Watt mercury lamps (with an input power of approx. 140 W). The new StreetSaver LED lamps have an input power of approx. 60 Watts. ”Projected energy savings have been calculated somewhere in the region of 50%, which is all the more impressive considering the increased light output and lack of maintenance costs. Normally we replace bulbs every three years and if they happen to be at the top of a high post, then it can be arduous work. We no longer need to worry about this. The new solution will have paid for itself within a few years. Lighting is an important factor in the overall appearance of the area and now it is pretty much in order. The initial experiences of the luminaires have fulfilled our expectations and so we have ordered more of them for Santalahti”, says Markkola. ”Straight away StreetSaver became our favourite product. We will recommend it to our customers whenever possible. The sales manager needs to be given thanks from his acticity, info and cooperation”, enthuses Oikarinen. The light output of the StreetSaver is 2400 lm and colour rendering index over 80. Thanks to the improved colour rendering index (from 50 to 80) the surrounding area looks prettier and this new luminaire also produces 25% more light.

Photographer: Mika Rokka