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Rovaniemi Winter Lights

Designer: IMIAD Sirpa Laitinen,WSP FInland, MA Pia Salmi, WSP FInland, Ari Peltola, WSP Finland Ltd

Year: 2009

City: Rovaniemi

Country: Finland

Constructor: City of Rovaniemi

Manufacturer: varies

Concept Description

Winter lighting project is an essential part of Rovaniemi tourist development tourism development project. Winter lighting improves tourist appeal, business environment at the city. Winter lighting includes 56 variable illuminations on Rovakatu, Koskikatu and the administrative center of the Rovaniemi. White light colour is the connecting theme on city center facades and light ribbons on trees across the Rovaniemi City center. Decorative motifs suspended on street lights are shaped like frozen braches. Facade illuminations are designed on two Alvar Aalto buildings: Rovaniemi city hall and the city library. Winter lighting includes also the lighting of several sculptures in downtown area. Local cultural specialty is created by gobo projections. One gobo projection is created from local family brands and projected on Lordi’s square. Included are, inter alia, famous Tuisku and Putaansuu brands. Another local projection is about reindeer calf branding on a light summer night. Photo is taken by a local photographer Riitta Lehvonen and projected on a facade on Koskikatu. Local knowledge was taken into account in close cooperation with the city’s Steering Group by using our Vision Work Shop method.

Photographer: Studio Saraste, Rovaniemi