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Resonanssi – Resonance

Designer: Ari Tiilikainen

Year: 2014

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Concept Description

In 2014, light designer Ari Tiilikainen won the light art installation competition organised by Oulun Energia to celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary. The works by Tiilikainen are displayed at the Merikoski power plant buttress dam and at the Oulun Energia Building. Tiilikainen also wished for other artists to program new installations using the installed light system. Accordingly, the first guest artist displaying his work is Oulu-based animation and video artist Leevi Lehtinen. The installation is produced as a cooperative project between Oulun Energia Oy and the Valoa Oulu 2015 light festival.

Photographer: Henri Luoma