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Radio Nova

Designer: TL-Prolight Oy and Philips

Year: 2013

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Constructor: Radio Nova

Manufacturer: Philips

Concept Description

When Radio Nova decided to renovate the lighting of their studios, Property Manager Pekka Telkki from MTV Ltd. was cautious: the new lighting system should not jeopardize the high quality broadcasts. Due to this, features of the luminaires, including the sound caused by their use, had to be taken into consideration. During the four month renovation period, 230 luminaires were installed. Most of the luminaires installed to light the office spaces were Philips Savio luminaires, equipped with MLO optics to give a nice diffused and comfortable light. In the Broadcast premises, 2 different lighting systems were installed: a dynamic lighting system which can be adjusted based on the user’s personal preferences when it comes to the light intensity and color temperature, and the functional general lighting using DayZone LED luminaires. In the corridors, energy efficient StyliD LED spot luminaires were used to create accent lighting and LuxSpace downlights were used for the general lighting. To control the lighting OccuSwitch DALI sensors were used for presence detection, to ensure lights were only on when and where required and the Helvar Digidim system was used for setting different modes manually, allowing the lighting scenes to be changed in different areas.

Photographer: Tomi Nuotsalo