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Prado Museum New Halls

Designer: LDC

Year: 2011

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Architect: Rafael Moneo

Constructor: Museo Del Prado

Contractor: Andobras

Concept Description

The architect Rafael Moneo designed a reconstruction of what was the original architectural space of San Baudelio Berlanga to best display frescoes for the eleventh century Mozarabic hermitage of San Baudelio. This gallery included Church of La Vera Cruz restored chapel housing what is considered to be some of the most valuable Romanesque frescoes of Spain, dated to c.1125. LDC worked closely with Studio Rafael Moneo and the Prado museum to develop a highly sensitive lighting design for the frescoes. After extensive testing a bespoke fibre optic system was devised to highlight the vaulted ceiling and the walls of the chapel. For the main gallery space track mounted framing projectors and white LED cove lighting were used.

Photographer: by Museo del Prado