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Porkkalankatu 5, office building

Designer: Airix talotekniikka Oy

Year: 2013

City: Espoo

Country: Finland

Electrical: Airix talotekniikka Oy

Constructor: Aberdeen Asset Management

Contractor: Lemminkäinen talotekniikka Oy

Manufacturer: Oy Osram Ab

Concept Description

Porkkalankatu 5 is the address of an office building owned by Aberdeen Asset Management and located in the Ruoholahti area of Helsinki, Finland. The building consists of seven office floors and two underground floors, with a combined floor area of approximately 1,800 square metres (19,400 square feet). The building contains various office spaces modified for the needs of individual companies. When the building was renovated in 2012, the quality and energy efficiency of its lighting were given particular attention. The office spaces are now lit with the Siteco Quadrature 2, fitted with T5 fluorescent lamps. The high-quality microprism optics of Siteco Quadrature 2 meant that luminaires could be freely installed anywhere in the work spaces. Thanks to an even distribution of luminous intensity and a low level of discomfort glare, computer screens are not affected with veiling reflection, which means that the lighting does not interfere with work in the area. The high-quality optics also made it possible to place the luminaires rather far apart from each other, leading to a lower number of luminaires than conventional lighting solutions. The impressive look of the premises was highlighted with accent lighting provided by OSRAM Linearlight RGB LED strips, which are controlled by DALI dimmers. The final result is a colour element that adds a pleasant touch of comfort to this state-of-the-art office.