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Designer: Katja Muttilainen

Year: 2013

City: Tampere

Country: Finland

Concept Description

Petroskoi is a contemporary theater play that was loosely based on history and present day Petroskoi, a town in Carelia, Russia and former Finland. It is an ode to small countries, small language groups and life between boundaries, it shows the vitality of small nationalities and their abillity to cope. Petroskoi is a state of mind. Petroskoi is like neon sign in the darkness, it is a traditional wooden spoon of our ancestors that has a wound and that wound bleeds coca cola. Petroskoi is a stain of Carelian pie in your pants. Petroskoi is a place for universal stories, songs and dreams. Petroskoi is a part of a trilogy made by tree small theaters; Theatre Telakka in Tampere/FIN, Theater Vanha Juko in Lahti/FIN and Rakvere Teater in Rakvere/EST. The performance will travel through these theaters during years 2013-1014. Director, choreographer, dramaturgy ~ Ari Numminen Assistant director, texts ~ Jussi Sorjanen Lighting designer ~Katja Muttilainen Costume designer ~Tiina Helin Music ~Antti Raekallio Set design ~ Tiina Helin and Katja Muttilainen Set ~ Katja Muttilainen and team Performers ( in pictures) ~ Mait Joorits (Rakvere), Minja Koski (Old Juko), Kaisa Sarkkinen (Telakka), Petri Mäkipää (Telakka), Jussi-Pekka Parviainen (visitor, Tampere University degree program of theatre)

Photographer: Katja Muttilainen