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Perniöntie Salo FI

Designer: Juha Nurminen

Year: 2008

City: Salo

Country: Finland

Manufacturer: Tehomet Oy

Concept Description

Idea of this project was generated by our customer Mr. Juha Nurminen, when he was on an installation site , in which RELE safety poles, a steel lattice pole, were waiting for final assembly and installation. Initially, the lattice structure was designed to be covered with metallic sheets to give it traditional lighting pole look. “When I saw the RELE pole semi-assembled, I immediately thought that there’ is something wrong with these covers, even when it will be fully assembled! So we did some modifications to the dimensioning of the poles and tried to light it with a couple of LED-projectors and that was about it immediately!”
The result: An high energy absorbing safety pole complying with EN12767 (HE3 – 100), but also a transparent lighted structure like the tree branches when they are scattered by the Nordic sunlight.

Photographer: Tehomet Oy