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Pakkahuoneenkatu, Oulu FI

Designer: WSP Finland, Pia Salmi

Year: 2010

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Manufacturer: Tehomet Oy

Concept Description

Through this playful idea of street lighting as a social media, people were invited to participate in the lighting design of a public street. For one hour at a time, anyone could have the power to decide what kind of atmosphere the lighting is creating there through RGB-LED stripes situated on the sides of street light poles. The participants also wrote a story, a message or a greeting to accompany the lighting animation. The narratives were visible at the project website (www.valotarina.fi) and on UBI- touchscreens around the city of Oulu. The stories are still readable in the LightStories website www.valotarina.fi in Finnish. LightStories was created as a real world demo within the Adaptive Urban Lighting – Algorithm Aided Lighting Design -research project. The main concept of LightStories was to introduce a part of public street lighting as a forum for personal narratives, messages and greetings. LightStories was active during February and March 2012 (5.2.2012-31.3.2012).

Photographer: Tehomet Oy