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P-Sokos car park building

Designer: Jukka Korpihete

Year: 2008

City: 40100 Jyväskylä

Country: Finland

Architect: Petri Rouhiainen

Electrical: Kari Majala YSP Oy

Constructor: Jyväs-parkki Oy

Manufacturer: Antrox, iGuzzini

Concept Description

P-Sokos is a new car park building at 55 Vapaudenkatu street and it was completed in autumn 2008. The illumination of its façade is an exemplary case of how the cooperation between an architect, lighting designer and electrical engineer can lead to a brilliant result. Light is a part of the building: light fittings are built into the structures of the façade and there is no need for external light fittings. Lighting technique consists of a cold cathode tube that produces white light, and the tube is installed behind an opal plastic plate.

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen, Mauri Mahlamäk