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Designer: Interior Architect: Carola Rytsö

Year: 2013

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Manufacturer: Saas Instruments Oy

Concept Description

The healthcare business is developing at a quick pace and the patient experience becoming an important issue. Lighting was given a big part in the design of the Omasairaala private hospital. The hospital took use of a 70’s office building that was converted to hospital use. Some of the 70’s features such as the staircase was used to make architectural statements, here lit with SAAS Haiku profile fitted with oval optics and the hospitals amber color. All public spaces where lit with SAAS KL profiles that where installed with magnets to give a quick installation. The profiles where used with oval optics to give a wall wash effect. All waiting lounges where fitted with SAAS Oo fixtures. All fixtures are programmable. In the lounges all fixtures are white with one having a specific color, this color will slowly “ slide “ into the next fixture giving a soothing movement that patients can follow.

Photographer: Saas Instruments Oy