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Narinkkatori Square

Year: 2014

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Concept Description

Narinkkatori square is located in the Kamppi district of central Helsinki. The shopping centre, bus terminal and office and residential buildings surrounding the square keep the area busy and lively at different times of the day. The Kamppi Chapel is also located in a corner of Narinkkatori square. The Chapel represents a new kind of Finnish wood construction and offers a place for silence and peace at one of the busiest commercial centres in Finland. Lighting is an essential factor when creating a safe and inviting environment. While lighting is a way of creating a sense of safety, excessive lighting can convey the idea of surveillance. The lighting at Narinkkatori square provides a perfect balance, creating a safe, yet pleasant atmosphere. The natural light that falls into the Chapel of Silence changes with the time of day, and the interior lighting has been designed to complement it. The Chapel is clad in spruce planks and the façade is lit using lights embedded in the stone pavement.

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen