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Myllysilta bridge in Turku on Aura River

Designer: MA Pia Salmi, WSP Finland, DI Tom Schneider, WSP Finland

Year: 2011

City: Turku

Country: Finland

Electrical: Sähkösuunto Oy

Constructor: City of Turku

Contractor: Engineering office Seppo Rantala

Manufacturer: STX Finland, HESS, Insta

Concept Description

Seven bridges curve over the Aura River in the Turku city center. Myllysilta is second when calculated from the sea. Myllysilta has a modern minimalistic form with stainless steel cover. Sleek modern LINEA fixture by HESS was selected to light the roads. Light pole and LINEA are painted with silver-tone compatible with stainless steel. Facade lighting of the bridge is special. Embedded in the underside of the bridge RGB LED-projectors are aimed precisely toward the water surface, to reflect light waves motion back to the bridge surface. When the river freezes bridge glows in steady light. Facade lighting is programmed for special situations according to the calendar year as well as the special days of the city of Turku. Façade lighting is designed in the spirit of festive days, for example, at the Turku-day bridge glows in orange flames of fire and on Father’s Day the bridge is lit with shades of blue. All lighting programs have been carried out in neutral, slightly broken tones to restrain the lighting be too flashy. DMX control unit makes it easy to change lighting if desired. Say at the state visit visitors country’s flag colors can be reflected on the bridge surface.

Photographer: Esko Keskioja, Tuomas Suvanto