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Lux Helsinki 2014

Designer: Anniina Veijalainen: Lux IN, Philippe Morvan: Ring[z], Mika Haaranen: Unen ääret, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada&D-Facto:, Corazón, Kristian Ekholm& Paula Lehtonen:, Return of the Warehouses, Ilkka Paloniemi & Tapani Rinne:, Kuula

Year: 2014

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Concept Description

The Lux Helsinki light event, arranged for the sixth time had 150,000 visitors. The event sites for 2014 were Senate Square, the New Student House, Kansalaistori, the Helsinki Music Centre, Hakasalmi Villa, the National Museum of Finland, the VR Warehouses, Hesperia Park, the National Opera Amphitheatre and the Cable Factory. The Cable Factory hosted Lux Helsinki’s first exhibition of light art. Senate Square will feature Corazón, a huge heart beating in countless colours, created by the renowned Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with the design agency D-Facto. Urban Flipper, by the French company CT Light, turned the façade of the New Student House into a giant pinball game, which was played onsite by visitors. Additionally, the Lux Ratikka tram travelled along tracks in the centre.

Photographer: Marina Ekroos