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Designer: Lighting Design Collective

Year: 2014

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Architect: Helin & Co Architects

Electrical: Ins.tsto Tauno Nissinen Oy

Constructor: YIT Rakennus Oy

Contractor: EMC Taloteknikka Oy

Manufacturer: Martin Professional Ltd

Concept Description

Site-specific, permanent light art intervention created for the BIOFORE HOUSE, UPM headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. 26 vertical 14m fin structures incorporate 14000 individually controlled white LEDs. The light plays and fades in constant movement as a glow inside the fins creating freely flowing abstract patterns reminiscent of the play of sunlight on a forest floor. Artificial intelligence is used to model the movements and the patterns in real time. This permanent light art intervention draws its content and inspiration from the history and brand values of UPM, a company deeply rooted in the Finnish forest. Lusintesis expresses the power and processes of constant energy flow and cycles taking place in the forest.

Photographer: Marc Goodwin / archmospheres.com