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Lahti Light Well

Designer: Reija Pasanen, Marjut Kauppinen

Year: 2015

City: Lahti

Country: Finland

Architect: Marjut Kauppinen

Electrical: Tony Nelin, SEU, Teuvo Hopponen, SEU

Constructor: City of Lahti

Manufacturer: Studiotec, LightAct, Martin, Tehomet

Concept Description

Movement-sensitive lighting reminds of water in cyan and blue colors. Lighting installation invites people of all ages to step on it and find out how the white waves are following your steps and start radiate from your movements. The Light Well is a new experiential meeting place and a stage for small-scale events for residents and visitors in the heart of the city of Lahti. The Light Well has been inspired by the old wells found from the market square’s excavations. The light installation consist of a granite platform and a luminaire which is the shape of a traditional draw well. On the top of the granite platform there is a round glass surface with historical map of the market place of Lahti and interactive lighting installation.

Photographer: The Invisible