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KPMG headquarters in Copenhagen

Year: 2012

City: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Architect: 3xN

Manufacturer: Osram A/S

Concept Description

KPMG heardquarters in Copenhagen.The building is constructed with focus on sustainability at all levels from design to construction, choice of materials and lifespan. The level of energy consumption is reduced to a minimum by controlling the inflow of light, by heat regulation through the use of an active façade with solar screening, by angling the building according to daylight and by a strategic orientation of the interior office space also accordingly. 3xN TEAM Kim Herforth Nielsen, Bo Boje Larsen, Jeanette Hansen, Gry Kjær, Olaf Kunert, Erik Frehr Hansen, Thomas Bang Jespersen, Esther Clemmensen, Stephen Clarke, Thomas Lykke, Helle Westergaard, Rune Bech, Thomas Rosenberg, Peter Feltendal, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Ida Linea Danielsson PARTNERS Engineer: MT Højgaard // Landscape architect: Henrik Jørgensen // Interior design: 3XN Architects

Photographer: Osram