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Kotka motorway

Year: 2014

City: Kotka

Country: Finland

Manufacturer: Siteco, Traxon

Concept Description

Modern road lighting needs to be reliable and of high quality. Upgrading Finland’s highway 7 (E18) to a motorway covers the section between Loviisa and Kotka as well as the section passing Hamina. In excess of 50 kilometres of new motorway will be constructed. The motorway connection is part of a large-scale road project connecting Southern Finland and it also forms part of the Trans-European road network and the so-called Nordic Triangle. The route is extremely important to the transport sector and the new road will substantially lower the risk of road accidents. Lighting plays a major role in improving safety and economy. The lighting for the E18 motorway section, interchange ramps and surrounding road sections as well as some of the lighting in tunnels to be constructed along the route will be implemented using OSRAM products and products made by its daughter companies Siteco and Traxon Technologies. Siteco is a leading producer of technical indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, and their traditional lighting products as well as LED solutions based on the latest innovations will mainly be used for lighting the road section. Main roads and side roads will be lit using high-pressure sodium lamp fixtures but efficient LED fixtures will also be used on pedestrian and cycle paths and on scenic spots along the road, for example. MORE INFORMATION: info@osram.fi

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen