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Kemi Winter Lights

Designer: MA Pia Salmi, WSP Finland, Sirpa Laitinen, WSP FInland, Ari Peltola, WSP Finland

Year: 2009

City: Kemi

Country: Finland

Constructor: City of Kemi

Manufacturer: varies

Concept Description

Festive winter lights illuminate our northern city of Kemi during the long dark season from October to March. Festive lighting includes facades illuminated with white light or light curtains, light ribbons on trees and decorative motifs suspended on street lights. Suspended decorative motifs have snowy and icy themes. Festive lighting includes 56 variable illuminations. Visually rich illuminations enhance the dark city scape for the townsmans and produce exciting experiences for the turists. Winter lighting improves the centers business environment, tourist appeal. Light sources were selected to have as low energy consumption as possible for the purpose. Local knowledge was taken into account in close cooperation with the city’s Steering Group by using Vision Work Shop method.

Photographer: Esko Keskioja, Tuomas Suvanto