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In the spotlight

Designer: Dizzy Duck Productions

Year: 2014

City: Eskilstuna

Country: Sweden

Concept Description

Right in the center of the pedestrian street, there is a place for everyone in the spotlight during Nattljus, come and try it … ”In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” Andy Warhol claimed in 1968. Today fifteen minutes can be considered a fairly long time in the spotlight. In our media society celebrity seems to often be the goal in itself, and not necessarily be linked to performance. ”In the spotlight” offers an opportunity to get into the stagelight glow. But just like in reality the time in the glow soon is over, and focus goes to someone else. This dance goes on in a constantly increasing pace and culminates in chaos, and out of the dust of the collapse begins the dance all over again.

Photographer: Alfred Magnusson