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Helsinki Music Centre

Year: 2011

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Concept Description

The Music Centre is a concert hall and a meeting place for city residents, and it’s open to everyone. The purpose of the Centre is to increase the importance of music and also to support the professional development of top musical talent in Finland. The Music Centre is also home to the Sibelius Academy and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. The building has an impressive glass façade and visitors step straight into a large open space. The glass façade has also been lit in a grand manner. The lighting of the large glass surfaces dims and brightens with the changing daylight. The starting points as well as the prerequisites for planning the building were energy efficiency and ease of use, and a modern lighting control system has been installed at the Centre. As it is extremely important that lighting in such spaces does not make any sound, they have also been acoustically tested.

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen