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Guerrilla Lighting Pasila in Helsinki

Designer: Reija Pasanen

Year: 2014

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Constructor: City of Helsinki

Concept Description

Studio Lux Nova produced the Guerrilla Lighting Pasila and HelLIghting seminar in Helsinki in the end of the year 2014. More than hundred of kids from different kindergardens at Pasila area was participated to the candle procession and the Guerrilla Lighting event. HelLighting seminar was organized by the city of Helsinki at YLE Iso Paja at the 12. of December 2014. Keynote speakers were lighting designers Jöran Linder and Erik Olsson from Sweden. HelLighting seminar was part of Helsinki Creates Works (Helcre) project where eight young artists will take part of city development during six months.

Photographer: Kimmo Brandt