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Gordian Knot

Designer: PEETER LAURITS /Estonia

Year: 2013

City: Tallinn

Country: Estonia

Constructor: Tallinn Light Biennale

Concept Description

Date: 29.11 – 01.12 2013 Time: 17.00 – 23.00 Location: Old Movie Theatre Helios, 7 Sauna Street Price: Free Peeter Laurits is mostly self-educated in history, philosophy, literature and arts, has attended Tartu, Tallinn and Leningrad Universities and New York International Center of Photography. He is the founder of DeStudio and Kütioru Open Studio. His works have been added to many private and public collections like Estonian Art Museum, Norton Dodge Collection, New York, Chicago University, KIASMA Helsinki, Museu d’Agua, Lisbon, Siddhartha Art Foundation, Kathmandu. His ost important shows are “DeStudio Diseases and Metamorphoses” in 1993, “Birthday of Eternity” in 2001, “The Flood” in 2002, “Dining with Worms” in 2003, “The Fifth Season” in 2007, “Logos & Mythos”in 2013. “Gordian Knot” is part of a larger body of work “Logos and Mythos” that deals with cultural and natural scripts juxtaposing them to each other. Both are readable, but they are coded in a different way. Traces of a bark-beetle is a story of a spontaneous genealogic metamorphosis of an insect colony from larvae to imago. Ethnic textile patterns and city plans emerge from pre-planned cultural processes. This videoloop manifests the paradoxal clash and intermingling of natural patterns and sophisticated technologies.