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Garden fair

Designer: Katja Muttilainen

Year: 2012

City: Tampere

Country: Finland

Architect: Tyylipihat Oy

Electrical: Crista Parviainen/Musiikki Mode

Contractor: LiconAT

Manufacturer: Aldabra, Iquzzini, Thomann, Tehomet, Philips, Airam, Lemminkäinen/ Rudus, Simes, Indal, Modular Lighting Instruments, NOAs Home

Concept Description

A light garden to Tampere/Finland biennial garden fair, April 2012. 700 square meters garden area that was lit with garden lighting luminaires, theatre lighting equipment and RGB- color changers to create an unique atmosphere to relax. The lighting was controlled with DMX-operated theatre lighting system.

Photographer: Katja Muttilainen