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Designer: ÅF Lighting

Year: 2014

City: Eskilstuna

Country: Sweden

Concept Description

The new central city square of Eskilstuna Fristadstorget’s lighting design is one of the projects that show Eskilstuna’s ambition to work consciously with light and lighting as part of the city’s architecture, where the light creates space and identity in an integration of function and aesthetics. Meetings between people have been a high priority in the planning and the more people staying in the square the more secure you feel. Several facades around the square will be lit up at night and the square as a whole will be illuminated to create a whole new atmosphere that invites interaction and activities. The light will change in character and give you new experiences when visiting the square. Inauguration of New Fristadstorget at 18.30 Saturday, Oct 25th becomes party for Eskilstuna residents of warmth in autumn darkness with fire, music and surprises.

Photographer: Sten Jansin