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Finnevikin silta Finnevik Bridge, Espoo

Designer: MSc Leena Kaanaa, MA Pia Salmi, IMIAD Sirpa Laitinen

Year: 2015

City: Espoo

Country: Finland

Architect: MSc Atte Mikkonen, architect Tuomas Vuorinen

Electrical: MSc Tom Schneider

Contractor: Graniittirakennus Kallio Oy, Suomen Sähkörakennus SSR

Concept Description

Finnevik Bridge is located in south Espoo and it connects Matinkylä and Finnoo residential areas. Total length of the bridge is 365 m and it is the longest bridge in Espoo. The bridge serves public transport network when new metro route opens in the autumn 2016. The area is developing in the near future and Finnoo will grow into a considerable large residential area. The lighting is designed in the spirit of variation of four seasons. Finnevik Bridge lighting repeats colors of the ongoing season. In addition lighting is programmed for special situations according to the calendar year as well as the special days of the city of Espoo. The most used colors at feast days are violet and turquoise also orange, blue and red will be seen. Lights turns on and off at the same time than streetlights. A significant birds nesting environment is located in the south of the bridge. Therefor the façade lighting in the bridge is turned off during the hole nesting time 1st of April until 31st of July. Façade lighting is turned on in the evening of the Espoo day which is annually last Saturday of the August. RGB luminaires (SavLed) are installed behind the steel framed sheets. DMX control unit makes it easy to change lighting if desired when the area develops. Street lighting poles are specially designed for Finnoo area. Luminaires are modern LED-luminaires from AEC.

Photographer: Atte Mikkonen, WSP