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Father, dad, daddy, pa, pop, my ol’ man, son and the holy family

Designer: Jukka Huitila / Sun Effects Oy

Year: 2012

City: Kuopio

Country: Finland

Constructor: Sun Effects

Contractor: Sun Effects

Manufacturer: Sun Effects

Concept Description

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space in Kuopio Finland. The festival commissioned a lighting design from Jukka Huitila / Sun Effects. The content is about childhood and fatherhood experiences. Highlights and shadowgraphs of growing up; it’s a bit like opening someone’s family album on the sly or seeing someone else’s life through their flat walls. 25.9. – 30.9.2012 / 20.00-07.00

Photographer: Pekka Mäkinen