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Dizzy Duck Productions

Designer: Dizzy Duck Productions

Year: 2014

City: Eskilstuna

Country: Sweden

Concept Description

How many inhabitants in Eskilstuna have been at Nedre hamn? Our guess is that this raw but charming place is a rather forgotten part of our cityscape. Nedre hamn, the small old harbour is in many ways a rather inconsiderable place: a quay and a crane, both in a mini format, which might possibly make the visitors to experience themselves as something of a giant. At this different outpost of the historical legacy of the industrial city, we turn things around and create something unexpected: a classic dance floor, as downloaded directly from any disco in the late 70’s New York. So why not sting into satin jumpsuit and comb to microphone hairstyle and make an evening at the Hamn 54?

Photographer: Karin Ermegård