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Den vita porten

Designer: Dizzy Duck Productions

Year: 2014

City: Eskilstuna

Country: Sweden

Concept Description

Welcome through the white gate, step inside the yard at Nygatan and experience other dimensions. From distance you hear music and through images and light, you enter something else. Here is a good place to stop and take a break, a room loaded with feeling and atmosphere. Maybe the music and pictures brings you into several new rooms, in your mind. Music and images created especially for Nattljus by cartoonist and illustrator Madelene Mhanna and Eskilstuna based band Sakhalin. Madelene Mhanna produces dreamy pictures and she would rather set feelings in motion than describing them with words. Sometimes people have to think about feelings they do not want to acknowledge and through her images, she wants to express what we usually wants to hide. She made her first series in 2010 which can be found at baboon No. 21. After that she appeared in the anthology Välfärdsdrömmar. Sakhalin has returned to its roots as an experimental trio. ”We are not an active playing band, more of a fuzzy project, we like to write music that is outside the box”. Their history includes awards for best soundtrack and a third place on the list ”newcomer of the year” which was compiled by the blog ’post-rock.instrumental’. ”We’ll see where the future takes us!”.

Photographer: Illustration: Madelene Mhanna