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Cycle path on Funen

Designer: Nyborg Forsyning & Service A/S , Philips Lighting

Year: 2009

City: Ullerslev

Country: Denmark

Manufacturer: Philips

Concept Description

Nyborg Forsyning & Service A/S, which is 100% owned by Nyborg Municipality, has been working diligently over recent years to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the municipality. In 2005, for example, 2000 streetlamps were replaced, and in 2009 it was time to refurbish the lighting on three cycle paths. The first stretchwas completed in August 2009, and a total of 42 LED luminaires now light the roughly 1.8 km cycle path between Ullerslev and Flødstrup in the north of the municipality. This is the very first time that lightemitting diodes have been used as the light source on cycle paths in Denmark.