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Cultural center Brøndby, Denmark

Year: 2013

City: Brøndby Strand

Country: Denmark

Architect: André Gulliksen – Aarhus Arkitek

Manufacturer: Philips

Concept Description

Aarhus Arkitekterne contacted Philips about the facade lighting. “Brønden is one of the first buildings in Denmark where the lighting is intended to be an integral part of the facade. The architects wanted to make the first floor float like a shining entity above the transparent ground floor and developed a facade system with vertical, perforated aluminium panels above the ground floor,” explains Marianne Hornuff. The basic concept for the facade lighting reflects the building’s various activities and vibrant life. “The new culture centre plays a major and key role – locally and for the municipality as a whole. It’s a focal point for positive experiences, a catalyst for the activities of clubs and societies, and also image and identity creating,” Gert Fabrin says. “It was essential that the architecture be striking and unique in order to emphasise Brønden’s many and very different activities and possibilities. This also applies to the facade lighting and here we have achieved a solution that simultaneously invites you inside and is able to tell you stories about the building, its surroundings and events. From an environmental point of view, the LED lighting’s intelligent use of power is completely in line with other initiatives in Brønden, like the solar cell array.”