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Christianshavns Torv, Copenhagen

Designer: Christian Christensen, Philips: Lars Barthold Hansen

Year: 2013

City: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Constructor: Municipality of Copenhagen

Manufacturer: Philips

Concept Description

Contemporary LED lighting in a historic square in central Copenhagen. he municipality wanted to renew the lighting installation to give the square an aesthetic lift and at the same time to support the basic functionality. The square itself is paved with granite cobblestones and has two nice sculptures with themes from Greenland. The architect Christian Christensen, from Utzon & Christensen Arkitekter, designed the GrassLED fixture inspired by the shape of grass. The light, slim and minimalistic shape is perfect for the small dimensions of LED lights, while the strong, simple construction presents a strong sculptural expression. he GrassLED fixture can be fitted with between 6 and 15 diodes. Each diode can be adjusted for direction to create a range of atmospheric lighting scenarios, for example security, intimacy or effect.

Photographer: Niels Peter