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Bella Sky Comwell Hotel

Designer: Morten Topp, Comtech

Year: 2010

City: Copenhagen S

Country: Denmark

Architect: 3XN

Concept Description

Two LED fixtures were placed on each of the four end walls of the hotel, and eight were distributed over two of the facades – four on each. One fixture was also placed on each side of the bridge between the building’s two towers. Each fixture has 104 LEDs and a light output of 5,000 lumens and can project color evenly over surfaces from a considerable distance. On the new hotel, for example, they light the 75-meter-high tower right to the top. The RGB LEDs have a diffusion range of 8° to 63°, so they can be used both for spotlighting and for illuminating large surfaces. This set-up uses six dynamic colors. Each color sequence runs for 30 seconds before changing to another color within 7 seconds.