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Bataviastad, Lelystad NL

Year: 2008

City: 8242 PN Lelystad

Country: Netherlands

Manufacturer: Tehomet Oy

Concept Description

Bataviastad is a unique area for in a unique city. Lelystad has only been founded in the last century on a polder. The theme for the shopping area called ‘Bataviastad’ for the old ages of Dutch naval history when the Batavia ship was sailing in this area. The city has created a square in front of one of the gates giving access to this, in which they wanted to keep on building on this historical and cultural concept. A square that symbolises the shape of an ancient ship, with the white steel poles as the outskirts of the ship. In the middle of the square (ship) you can see wooden poles which symbolises the wooden poles on the ship for the sails.

Photographer: Tehomet Oy