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Aleksanterinkatu Christmas Lighting

Year: 2012

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Contractor: Sun Effects Oy

Concept Description

The Christmas lighting on Aleksanterinkatu street in central Helsinki was lit for the first time in 1949. Since then the design in the shape of letter A protected by the National Board of Antiquities has been a Helsinki Christmas staple. Since 2006 we have been responsible for the planning of the technical production, rigging, site monitoring and the festive lighting of the Christmas lighting. Central to this traditional production is the professionally executed technical work performed in demanding urban environment. Challenges are presented by eg. traffic, work safety and operational reliability of the system. We want to do our part in preserving the traditional aesthetic appearance of Helsinki cityscape, especially in the current transition process to more energy efficient LED bulbs.

Photographer: Janne Nikkarinen