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9. Hiisi

Year: 2015

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Concept Description

Hiisi is an orc-like creature with a beard of fire, and it is disgustingly ugly. It has glowing, slanted eyes without eyelids. Hiisi lives in a large castle made of stones that cannot be seen by humans. To humans, the castle is nothing more than a big pile of rocks. The castle door is guarded by gatekeeper, who always asks those who come knocking who they are and what are their intentions. (Source: Hiiden väki – Suomalaista kansanperinnettä, Pia Mäkinen. Free translation.) The lighting of the bridge creates an atmosphere where the people passing by can sense the presence of hiisi. Enhancing the structures that remain in shadows during the day and the rocks that are pushing out of the bridge’s structures creates the feeling of the presence of the invisible world. Workgroup: Architect SAFA Jussi Jansson, Designer Mervi Halonen and Designer Tiina Mielonen / Sisustussuunnittelu Tiina Ruotsi ky Tommi Tegelsten / Fagerhult Oy

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen