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7. LightSnakes

Year: 2015

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Concept Description

Runeberginkatu bridge is decorated with paintings. Lighting helps to enhance the art of Viva Grandlund. This gave birth to the idea of light snakes. Snakes are both technical supports for lighting fixtures and visual decorations. Snakes are often considered evil and frightening creatures. They represent shadows and darkness while light represents strength and hope. Workgroup: Designer, Lighting Designer Helena Järvelä / Suunnittelutoimisto Blanco Oy, Lighting Designer Matleena Kallio and Sebastian Nousiainen / LiCon-AT Oy and Specialist of street and tunnel lighting Pentti Hautala / LiCon-AT Oy Aki Nokkala / Vialuksi Oy, Sami Huuskonen / Tehomet Oy, SLO, Osram

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen